Representing Nashville’s Entrepreneurs
We specialize in legal counsel addressing unique startup needs.

Whether you’re a local entrepreneur, starting up in the hospitality industry, or are in the realm of nonprofits, we can cater to you and your needs.

A Different Kind of Law Firm

You’ve heard other law firms say they support small businesses, that they’re entrepreneurs, or maybe that they want to build a long- term relationship. Schaffer Law Firm is different. We’re entrepreneurs driven by the same things as you; solutions, passion, commitment, partnership, and shared success.

We’ve lived through the same start-up challenges and we know that your resources are precious, which is why we focus on helping you with exactly what you need. We offer right-sized solutions, and help you understand what needs to be done today versus what can be done next month or next year. Schaffer Law Firm will be right there alongside you, in the trenches of your challenges and at the summit of your victories.

Many law firms say they’re different. Schaffer Law Firm actually is different.