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To the entire Schaffer Law Firm Family past, present and future:

The time has come for me to conclude this chapter of my life and close Schaffer Law Firm effective October 1, 2021. But fear not! I have accepted an attorney position at Dickinson Wright PLLC to build their alcohol and hospitality practice areas and will be setting up shop in their office at 424 Church Street on Monday October 4, 2021! This has been the most difficult decision of my life and I thought it important to share with you how and why I have made it.

I started SLF in March 2011 as a fresh, new lawyer with $2,000 from my parents to get me started. I had no idea that when I sat down at my desk and said out loud “this is day one” that I would start on one of the greatest journeys of my life. I started a business from nothing, scaled it, pivoted it, and now I am closing it on my terms. I have truly loved every single day I have had the honor of practicing as SLF. But as life goes, all things change, and all things end.

When I started SLF I had an apartment, a new car (thanks mom and dad!) and two cats. Today I have a house (and mortgage), same car, a husband, a 4-year-old son, 4 dogs and 1 cat (RIP Rocky). Life looks just a little different for me now than it did over 10 years ago. I made this decision for my family. To do what is best for them and to be there at a time in my son’s life that I do not want to miss.

To be honest, one of the most important reasons I made this decision was that I just want to be a lawyer. For my entire professional career, I have always said I am business owner first, lawyer second. And that was my identity for a very long time. Being an entrepreneur has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. I understand all the challenges that every single one of my clients face every day. I think this decision will make me even better at advising all of my clients: I have now personally experienced all phases of owning a business from start, to scale to close. But the cost of running a growing business is I have less time to practice law and hone my craft. I want to be the best alcohol and hospitality lawyer in the world. I can’t do that AND run the business at the same time. So, I made a choice to focus on practicing law.

What is going to change for you, my dear current and future clients? Not much, other than a new email address and phone number and you have somewhere else to send the check! You can expect the same outstanding service you have come to expect from SLF AND I now come as a team 500 strong! The attorneys at Dickinson Wright are absolutely outstanding and provide service in every imaginable area of law. I am so beyond excited for the adventure ahead of me and my team!

After October 1st you will be able to reach me in the following ways:



Phone: 615-620-1715


I look forward to all of you embarking on this new chapter with me!