Landon Breazeale
Landon Breazeale

Landon Breazeale

Landon Breazeale is a native Tennessean, born in Memphis. He attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL, earning a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Air Transportation. After working for nearly two years, Landon decided to attend Belmont University College of Law. He graduated with his Juris Doctor in 2015. Before joining Schaffer Law Firm, Landon worked as an Attorney with the State of Tennessee and a Business Manager for TBI Airport Management in Macon, GA.

  • Experience

    Landon received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from ERAU and his law degree from Belmont University College of Law. Landon is a former intern of Schaffer Law Firm who has also worked for the state of Tennessee and as a business manager for two airports in Georgia.

  • Aviation

    Landon’s main passion is aviation. He started flying when he was just 14 and received his pilot’s license when he was 17. His Bachelor’s degree that he received from ERAU also has a concentration in Air Transportation.

  • Travel

    Aviation and travel go hand in hand, and Landon has spent much of his free time traveling across the country and to several countries abroad, such as Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

  • Recreation

    When Landon isn’t at the office, he’s enjoying all that Nashville has to offer, including the restaurants, breweries, bike trails and sports games.


After graduating from ERAU in Florida, Landon attended Belmont University College of Law. While at Belmont, he interned at the state of Tennessee with the Comptroller of the Treasury and for Schaffer Law Firm, where he first worked with Rachel Schaffer Lawson. He used the internship position at Schaffer Law Firm to learn about the unique challenges facing entrepreneurs as they began the adventure of starting a new business or were striving to grow their existing business. He also learned about the legal issues faced by many breweries and restaurants as they began to brew or sell alcoholic beverages.

After completing law school, he went on to act as the Business Manager for two airports in middle Georgia, where he was responsible for overseeing lease compliance and the budgets of both airports. He also assisted with grant reimbursements for major capital improvement projects. This provided him with an opportunity to be in an aviation setting and to use his undergraduate degree, but he wanted to engage in the practice of law. So, after living in Georgia for just over a year, Landon then returned to Nashville in May of 2017 to work as an attorney with the state of Tennessee, where he remained until he rejoined Schaffer Law Firm. He is now excited to use these previous experiences to help the current and future clients of Schaffer Law Firm.

My Passions

Landon Breazeale in front of a plane.
Landon next to a plane.


Landon has one true love: Aviation. He started flying when he was 14. At 17, he earned his private pilot’s license, ultimately going on to receive an instrument rating. Landon flew throughout high school through an FBO based in Tupelo, MS and then in college at ERAU in Daytona Beach, FL. Landon has flown throughout central Florida, North Mississippi, and West Tennessee. He primarily flew in Cessna 152 and 172 aircraft. Unfortunately, he is not able to fly as much as he would like anymore.

In addition to flying, Landon loves being in any aviation setting. He frequently travels to airshows to see aerial displays and to see any updates for private and commercial airplanes. He has gone to airshows throughout the southeast, including Sun ‘N Fun in Lakeland, FL. Landon even had the opportunity to volunteer to help with the 2012 Great Tennessee Air Show in Smyrna, TN. He also enjoys exploring new airports when he has a chance to travel.

Landon Breazeale in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Overlooking a scenic valley with a lake.


In his spare time, Landon enjoys traveling. He has travelled across the country, including to Alaska, and to several countries in Europe. Although he started travelling throughout the country at a very young age, he did not travel internationally until he was 19. At that time, he took a trip to France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. More recently, Landon ventured to France, Spain, and Italy. His favorite trip to date has been to Spain, where he spent the majority of the trip in Barcelona. He enjoyed taking in the culture and local food and wine. While on the same trip, he traveled to Paris and Rome. He enjoyed spending time in the Louvre in Paris and visiting the ancient sites throughout Rome.

Rachel Schaffer hangliding
Rachel Schaffer running with East Nasty


When not working, Landon enjoys spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys eating at new restaurants around Nashville. Landon also takes any opportunity to try a new local brewery. He rides his bike and goes on runs when time allows. He also likes to go to Preds and Titans games when possible.