Webinar Series

in Partnership with Lance CPA Group

Episode 1: Starting a Brewery

You can’t do anything in business without your accountant and lawyer in the same room and on the same page as the business owners. This is especially true in the fast-growing industry of craft beer, where you may have many legal and regulatory hurdles to understand before you can progress and grow. If you’ve ever left your accountant or lawyer’s office scratching your head with only half of an answer to go by, we’ve teamed up with Lance CPA Group to help fill in the blanks.

Turn your passion into an actionable plan for starting your own brewery. We’ll walk you through the first steps you need to take including trademark research, securing property, and identifying key players.

Episode 2: Growth and Scaling

Take advantage of a lawyer and accountant’s expertise to help guide you through everything you need after your brewery’s first year in operation. Grab a pencil and make yourself comfortable as we walk you through growth and scaling in 5 key areas of your business:

  • Core Processes
  • People
  • Additional Capital
  • Strategic Planning
  • Expansion

Episode 3: Exit and Change

Ready for your next step in business? Our webinar offers the unique opportunity to gain expert advice from an accountant and a lawyer about making the best business decisions for yourself and your business.

For episode 3, we’re covering exit strategies that include both amicable and contentious splits as well as strategies for succession of your business. It’s never too early to start thinking about an exit or change strategy so you can prepare for speedbumps that might occur along the way.


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