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Schaffer Law Firm PLLC | Nashville’s SCORE on Business Feature

  Schaffer Law Firm PLLC featured on WTVF Nashville’s News Channel 5 SCORE on Business with Pete Hendrix, entrepreneur and SCORE volunteer.   Rachel remembers that first year as a business owner as the scariest, while at the same time, the most exciting year of her life. Within the first six months, the business was profitable, virtually unheard of, then …

5 years of Schaffer Law Firm

5 Lessons Learned In 5 Years of Business

Five years ago today, I “officially” started Schaffer Law Firm. I use quotations because, like most entrepreneurs, I had been thinking about it nonstop and preparing relentlessly for the day. I was a brand new baby lawyer at the time, having just been sworn into the Tennessee State bar only four months earlier, and I had just returned from New …

You Can’t Be Half Pregnant

I’m sure many of you are wondering what on earth being pregnant has to do with business or legal issues. Surprisingly, quite a bit! Before I dive in, a caveat: I do not have any children of my own at this time, although I am the proud mother of six (yes, 6!) fur children. But more importantly, I am the …

Think You Have Your Sh!t Together

I hear “I need to get my shit together” often. Of the myriad of reasons clients come to see me, I think that phrase pretty much sums it up. Clients want to get their business affairs legally in order. Some of them come to see me when they are just getting started. They want to start things off right.