Restaurants & Food Trucks

Schaffer Law Firm has helped many of Nashville’s best chefs turn their dreams into some of the hottest restaurants with our comprehensive, cost-sensitive approach to legal services for the food service hospitality client.

Full and quick-service restaurants and food trucks all have specific and unique legal needs, and we help you navigate these complexities with ease.

If you are looking to purchase a food service business, or start a food service business from the ground up, Schaffer Law Firm PLLC is here to take your order.



Beer, Liquor, Breweries, Distillers, & Bars

Nashville’s craft beer and liquor business owners and enthusiasts are making waves on the National stage, and there’s room for more players. If you’ve ever wanted to turn that home-brew hobby into a business, now is the time.

It’s vital to the success of an alcohol-based business to quickly and easily navigate the tricky waters of alcoholic beverage licensing. From starting or buying a brewery, distillery, or wholesale distribution business, to acquiring the necessary licensing for a bar or any other type of establishment to serve alcohol, Schaffer Law Firm is the top shelf option.


By the Case

  • BEER

    • On and off premises beer permit
    • Special occasion licenses
    • Brewery license
    • Contract brewing agreements

    • Liquor-by-the-drink licensing
    • Distillery permits
    • Whole sale distribution permits
    • Special Event Permit
    • Wine-only license
    • Retail Package Store permits
    • TTB registration Winery permit

    • Corporate formation
    • Commercial lease review
    • Trademark search and registration