Marriage Without The Sex.

An Uncommon Approach To Business Relationships.

  • Learn what questions to ask before you decide to form a business partnership.
  • Take the quiz to see what kind of partner you are, and what kind of partner you need!
  • Get tips for making the difficult discussions that could make or break a partnership.

A Must-Read Before Forming A New Business Partnership!

Marriage Without The Sex


Rachel Schaffer Lawson, owner of Schaffer Law Firm has counseled many successful (and not-so-successful) business partnerships. Rachel has taken this experience, combined with her own personal experience in preparing for marriage, to create Marriage Without The Sex. This book is a lighthearted look at the very serious nature of business partnerships, and is full of tips, exercises, and advice to help you prepare for a partnership. Don’t get caught with your pants down, read this book before forming a business partnership.