Legal Expertise For New & Existing Non-Profit Orginizations

Our mission: To provide excellent, cost-sensitive legal services to start-up nonprofit organizations seeking tax exempt status under § 501 of the IRS tax code.

Schaffer Law Firm PLLC is dedicated to the success of its many nonprofit clientele and will continue to work closely with each client post-formation to ensure they are complying with both state and federal law. Our services include:

  • Formation of nonprofit corporations with the State of TN
  • Guidance on choosing the first Board of Directors and facilitating the first Board meeting
  • Drafting necessary corporate documents
  • Filing the IRS paperwork which includes working closely with the client to complete the more in-depth sections of the application
  • Correspondence with the IRS after the application is filed including any additional filing required to achieve the § 501 status
  • Preparing and filing the TN Charitable Solicitations Permit application
  • Absorbing or merging one nonprofit organization into another.
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