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One of Schaffer Law Firm’s motto’s is “You just have to take it one ‘Are you kidding me?!?!’ at a time.” This delightful phrase can be used in many circumstances, but the one circumstance we find it uttered most often is when clients don’t tell us extremely important changes that may have a serious impact on their business until after the change has been made.

Some of these events can have very real and very negative impacts that are actually really easy to prevent, if we just know about your business changes before they happen. For example, if your corporate entity was dissolved by the Secretary of State and a lawsuit that would be against the company is brought, you may be personally liable; you brought on an equity partner with the intention that they will be a minority owner, but the proper paperwork was not completed and they actually own 50% of your business; or you receive a letter from [insert government agency], ignored it, and are now spending time and  money you could be spending on your business resolving the issue. 

I get it. You are trying to keep your costs down, you think you can handle this one without us, or you just don’t want to bother us with a perceived “trivial” matter! Please understand that we are here to help and answer any questions that you might have. We’re always happy to hear business updates from our clients. If the question is best suited for another professional, we will let you know who can answer the question.

You are always free to call or email us with any matter.

We have created this handy one-sheeter for you. Don’t let a simple non-compliance issue turn into a major legal incident!


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