New Webinar Series in Partnership with Lance CPA Group

An accountant and a lawyer walk into a bar, and… They become the heroes you need for business success!

You can’t do anything in business without your accountant and lawyer in the same room and on the same page as the business owners. This is especially true in the fast-growing industry of craft beer, where you may have many legal and regulatory hurdles to understand before you can progress and grow.

If you’ve ever left your accountant or lawyer’s office scratching your head with only half of an answer to go by, we’ve teamed up with Lance CPA Group to help fill in the blanks. Our three-part webinar series is designed to take you through a business owners’ journey, offering the financial and legal expertise brewery owners need at every step of the way, whether you’re just starting, in the process of growing, or planning to exit and change your business strategy.

Episode 1: Starting a Brewery

Turn your passion into an actionable plan for starting your own brewery. We’ll walk you through the first steps you need to take including trademark research, securing property, and identifying key players.
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Episode 2: Growth and Scaling

As your business grows and you look to next steps, we’ll show you the things you should be monitoring to ensure smooth scaling. This includes searching for a second location and identifying new owners or investors.
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Episode 3: Exit and Change

Even if you’re in the midst of developing a business, it’s never too early to start thinking about an exit or change strategy. After all, industry trends and individual goals will always change. Learn the speedbumps that might occur along the way and how you can prepare.
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